15 Nov, 2022

Yarab Tso Lake in Nubra Valley - Best Time to Visit



Yarab Tso Lake is a tourist destination in Nubra Valley, most picturesque lake lovers come to see it because it is 20 minutes away from Diskit. The lake is located in the Nubra Valley near the village of Diskit. From Diskit, it is a 20-minute walk to the lake. The best time to visit Yarab Tso Lake is from early May to late October when the weather is cooler and there is less chance of monsoon rains. The area around Yarab Tso Lake is a picturesque and serene valley. The lakes and mountains surrounding it are snow-capped in winter.


Yarab Tso Lake: What makes it so famous?


Yarab Tso Lake is one of the many beautiful places to visit in the Nubra Valley. The lake consists of crystal-clear water, and perfectly reflects the surrounding landscape. The remote location adds to its mystique and beauty. So go visit Nestled in the rugged Himalayas, nestled by a deep valley with meltwater streams and ancient Ladakhi temples, far from land but not really 'away.


How to Reach?


Just 20 minutes up the mountain from Panamik Village is the stunning Lake. If you love trekking, it's worth visiting!


Best Time to Visit


In the months from July to September, it is best to visit Yarab Tso Lake.