21 Nov, 2022

The Beautiful Yamunotri Temple, Uttarakhand - Indo Tours & Adventures



Yamunotri Temple - On the western side of the Garhwal Himalayas, in Uttarkashi, is a holy place called Yamunotri. This site is 3,293 meters above sea level and sits proudly in the midst of beautiful mountain peaks and glaciers. The River Yamuna originates right at Yamunotri, making it one of the pilgrimage sites in the Chota Char Dham Yatra.


The venerated goddess Yamuna is associated with many different aspects of Hindu mythology. She's a daughter of Sun and twin sister to the god of death, Yama. In Hinduism, bathing in a holy body of water such as an ocean or river can be seen as a way to wash away sin or provide protection from untimely death.


On the western side of the Garhwal Himalayas in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand, one can find a sacred place known as Yamunotri. The holy place stands proudly at 3293 meters above sea level with its enormous mountain peaks, glaciers, and river Yamuna which is the second most sacred river in India.


The goddess of love, devotion, and purity was given the title "Yamuna" by the Vedas. Some believe Yami means lady or mistress, giving her a lofty status. There are many uses for bathing in the Yamuna's waters, including purifying and cleansing your body.








ROUTE: Rishikesh - Narendra Nagar - Chamba - Tehri - Dharasu - Bhramkhal - Barkot - Hanuman Chatti - Janki Chatti - Yamnotri


BY AIR: Jolly Grant airport, Rishikesh Road, Dehradun, is the nearest airport to Gangotri. Hire a cab or get a bus from here.


BY TRAIN: Regular trains to Haridwar and Dehradun are available at all times of the year. Hire a cab or get a bus from here.


BY BUS: Motorable roads end at Janki Chatti and it is from here that a tough trek measuring up to 6/5 km is initiated till the holy shrine of Yamuna Devi. One can take ponies or palanquins to save oneself from the hardships of the journey. Buses and taxis are available from important destinations like Rishikesh, Dehradun, Uttarkashi, Tehri, and Barkot.




The best time to visit the Yamunotri temple is from April/May to June and September to October/November.


The best season to visit Yamunotri is during the months of April and July. The warm days bring festive and exciting activities, while the cool nights provide a seasonal retreat. The perfect time to visit is during the summer when temperatures are mild and comfortable.


In the monsoon season, rain falls generously, making it tough for travelers to traverse. Due to heavy rainfall here, Yamunotri in Uttarakhand experiences summers from July until September. If you visit during that time, expect landslides and other natural hazards.


Avoid coming to Yamunotri during the winter because this is when the monsoons approach and there are large snowfall and temperatures. It's best to avoid your trip in October due to the heavy snowfall and difficult temperatures.


FAQS About Yamunotri Temple


Why Yamunotri temple is famous?

Yamunotri Temple is considered to be the abode of Goddess Yamuna. The temple is situated on the side of Bandarpoonch Parbat and near the foot of Kalind Parbat and is the highest temple dedicated to Goddess Yamunotri.


How long does it take to climb Yamunotri?

The trek to Yamunotri temple from Jankichatti is a 6kms trek and is facilitated with amenities like water points, benches, and resting spots along the routes. You can have tea in the small tea stalls along the way. It will take around 2-3hrs to reach Yamunotri temple.


Can we take bath in Yamunotri?

Legends state that by bathing or taking a dip in the stream of the river passing through the Yamunotri Dham, anyone can be absolved of a portion of his or her accumulated lot of sins.


Is there a helicopter in Yamunotri?

From Which Places Chardham Yatra Heli Services Operate? The starting point of the Char Dham Yatra helicopter service is Sahastradhara Helipad in Dehradun. The helicopter services to all four destinations including Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath are conducted at 6:30 AM.


Is Yamunotri accessible by road?

By Road: Yamunotri is directly not connected with motorable roads and the trek commences from Hanuman Chatti. Hanuman Chatti is well connected by motorable roads with major destinations of Uttarakhand state. Buses to Rishikesh are available from ISBT Kashmiri Gate.


Which is more difficult Yamunotri or Gangotri?

Yamunotri is the first of the four Dhams and definitely the toughest. Although its located at a lower elevation than the other Dhams, the narrow and crowded pathway makes it challenging and tough to reach the temple.


Which is more difficult Kedarnath or Yamunotri?

The Kedarnath Yatra is considered to be the most difficult. 


Which river rises from Yamunotri?

The river Yamuna, a major tributary of river Ganges, originates from the Yamunotri glacier near Banderpoonch peaks (380 59' N 780 27' E) in the Mussourie range of the lower Himalayas at an elevation of about 6387 meters above mean sea level in district Uttarkashi (Uttranchal).


What is the source of Yamunotri?

The sacred shrine of Yamunotri, the source of the river Yamuna, is the westernmost shrine in the Garhwal Himalayas, perched atop a flank of Bandar Poonch Parvat. The chief attraction at Yamunotri is the temple devoted to the Goddess Yamuna and the holy thermal springs at Janki Chatti (7 km. Away).