24 Jan, 2023

Things to do in North East india


If you’re looking for the perfect getaway, look no further than North East India. From mesmerizing landscapes to rich cultures and traditions, this region offers a plethora of activities that will make your vacation one to remember! In this article, we’ll explore some of the best things to do in North East India. So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive right in!


North East India


India is a vast country with many different regions, each with their own unique culture and attractions. The North East is one of the most beautiful and varied areas in the country, and there are plenty of things to see and do here. From exploring the stunning Himalayan scenery to visiting ancient temples and monasteries, there's something for everyone in North East India. Here are just a few of the highlights:


-The Himalayan mountains: The Himalayas are one of the most spectacular mountain ranges in the world, and North East India is home to some of the best views. Take a hike through the mountains, go white-water rafting in Bhutan, or simply enjoy the views from your hotel room.


-The temples and monasteries: India is a land of religious diversity, and this is especially evident in North East India. There are hundreds of different temples and monasteries to visit, each with their own unique architecture and history.


-The wildlife: North East India is home to some of the most diverse wildlife in the country. Visit Kaziranga National Park to see rhinos, elephants, and tigers, or head to Manas National Park for a chance to spot rare animals like red pandas and golden langurs.


Popular Things to Do in North East India


Assuming you would like a list of things to do in North East India: 


1. Visit the Kaziranga National Park - home to two-thirds of the world's great one-horned rhinoceroses, as well as tigers, elephants, and other wildlife. It is one of the Popular Things to do in North East india.


2. Take a cruise on the Brahmaputra River - one of the largest rivers in Asia.  It is Another Popular Things to do in North East india.


3. Explore the state of Meghalaya - known as the "abode of clouds" for its spectacular views and lush vegetation. It is one of the Popular Things to do in North East india.


4. Visit Assam's tea plantations - Assam is one of the world's largest producers of tea.  It is one of the Popular Things to do in North East india.


5. See the Living Root Bridges in Cherrapunji - these bridges are made from living tree roots and are a unique sight to see. 


6. Visit Nagaland's Hornbill Festival - this festival celebrates the state's rich culture and traditions with music, dance, and food. 


7.Explore Arunachal Pradesh - a state known for its stunning natural beauty, including snow-capped mountains, dense forests, and rushing rivers. 


8. Visit Sikkim - a state nestled in the Himalayan mountain range with picturesque views, monasteries, and wildlife sanctuaries. 


9. Trek to Tawang Monastery - located in Arunachal Pradesh, this 17th-century monastery is one of the largest Buddhist monasteries in India. 


10. Take a ride on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway - also known as the "Toy Train," this railway offers spectacular views of the Himalayas.


Outdoor Activities to do in North East India


In North East India, there are plenty of outdoor activities to keep you entertained. From hiking and camping in the many national parks, to rafting down the Brahmaputra River, there is no shortage of things to do.


One of the most popular outdoor activities in North East India is trekking. There are numerous treks of varying difficulty levels that can be taken, so there is something for everyone. Some of the more popular treks include those in Meghalaya, Sikkim, and Arunachal Pradesh. It is one of the Popular Things to do in North East india.


Another great outdoor activity in North East India is river rafting. The Brahmaputra River is one of the most popular places to go rafting, as it offers rapids of varying difficulty levels. If you are looking for a more challenging rafting experience, then head to Arunachal Pradesh where you can find some of the most challenging rapids in the country. It is one of the Popular Things to do in North East india.


So whether you are looking for a relaxing hike or an adrenaline-pumping rafting trip, North East India has plenty of outdoor activities to keep you entertained.


Festival Celebrations in North East India


The North East of India is a culturally rich and diverse region, with each of the states having their own unique festivals and celebrations. Here are some of the most popular festivals in North East India that you can experience on your travels:


1. Bihu in Assam: Bihu is the biggest and most important festival in the state of Assam. It is celebrated three times a year, during the months of January, April and October, to mark the changing seasons. The festival is characterized by singing and dancing, and traditional dishes are prepared as part of the celebrations.


2. Hornbill Festival in Nagaland: The Hornbill Festival is held every year from December 1-10 in the state of Nagaland. It is a celebration of the indigenous tribes of Nagaland, and features traditional music, dance and food. There are also various sports and cultural events that take place during the festival.


3. Ziro Festival of Music in Arunachal Pradesh: The Ziro Festival of Music is held annually in September in the town of Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh. It is one of the largest music festivals in India, and features a lineup of both international and Indian independent artists performing a range of genres including folk, rock, electronica and more.


4. Cherry Blossom Festival in Meghalaya: The Cherry Blossom Festival is held every year from November 15-30 in Meghalaya's capital city Shill ong. The festival celebrates the blooming of cherry blossoms around the city with a range of cultural events, including traditional music and dance performances, food stalls, painting competitions and more.


5. Wangala Festival in Meghalaya: The Wangala Festival is an important harvest festival celebrated by the Garo tribe in Meghalaya. It follows the lunar calendar and usually falls between October and November. During the celebrations, people gather to dance and sing traditional songs to thank their gods for a good harvest.


Local Cuisine Experiences


Northeast India is home to a plethora of ethnic groups and tribes, each with their own unique culture and cuisine. The region is also blessed with an abundance of natural resources, making it a paradise for foodies. From succulent meats cooked in bamboo pipes to delectable desserts made with jaggery and honey, there is something for everyone to enjoy.


Here are some of the best local cuisine experiences in Northeast India:


1. Assam: Assamese cuisine is all about simplicity and flavor. The use of fresh ingredients and herbs gives the dishes a distinct taste. Must-try items include tenga (a fish dish cooked in tamarind broth), massor tenga (lentil soup), chicken curry, and pitha (rice cakes).


2. Arunachal Pradesh: Arunachali cuisine has influences from Tibet and Myanmar. The most popular dish is thukpa, a noodle soup usually made with chicken or beef stock. Other noteworthy dishes include momos (dumplings), chowmein, and wonton soup.


3. Manipur: Manipuri cuisine is known for its use of fresh vegetables and fruits. Dishes such as chamthong (vegetable stew), kangshoi (chicken curry), iromba (fish curry), and singju (vegetable salad) are common staples.


4. Meghalaya: Meghal ayan food is a combination of Assamese and Bengali cuisine. Popular dishes include jadoh (a pork dish cooked with rice), dohneiiong (a spicy chicken curry), tungrymbai (fermented soya bean dish), and jingdoh (a steamed fish dish).


5. Nagaland: Naga food is heavily influenced by the region’s many ethnic tribes. Must-try dishes include smoked pork, dried beef, bamboo shoot curry, and axone (fermented soya bean paste).


6. Mizoram: The Mizo people are known for their love of spicy dishes. Their cuisine features an array of herbs, chilies, and vegetables cooked in oil or water. Popular items include bai (rice porridge), bai bu (mixed vegetables with rice), sa-um (smoked fish gravy), and chhangbanbaoi (chicken curry).


Shopping Experiences


There are many unique shopping experiences to be had in North East India. From traditional markets to roadside stalls, there is something for everyone.


The best place to start is probably in the capital city of Guwahati. Here you will find a mix of modern and traditional shopping experiences. The city is home to several large shopping malls, as well as a number of smaller shops and markets selling everything from handicrafts to spices.


If you are looking for a more traditional shopping experience, then head to one of the region's many tribal markets. Here you can bargain for handmade items such as baskets, jewellery and clothing. Or if you want to stock up on supplies for your next camping trip, then head to one of the region's many outdoor gear stores.


No matter what you are looking for, North East India has a shopping experience that will suit your needs.