15 Nov, 2022

Stok Palace Leh Ladakh - Indo Guide



Stok Palace is the reflection of the glorious days of Namgyal rule in Ladakh, dating back to 1820. The top place to see near Leh is almost 200 years old and marks an evolution of fortified palace residences. It houses a must-see museum that has a collection of artifacts and relics related to Ladakh's old monarchy as well as some interesting jewels that are over 400 years old. Some of the highlights at the museum include ancient coins, royal seals & costumes, jewelry, and ancient thangkas.




It was established in 1820 by King Tsespal of the ruling Namgyal dynasty.


Best Time to Visit


You should consider visiting Stok Palace anytime between June and September.


How to Reach?


There are two main ways to get to Stok Palace: you can hire a cab or rent a bike from Leh. The journey will only take 15 kilometers, which is relatively close.


The architecture of Stok Palace


The final phase of the evolution of fortified palace residences includes a collection of architectural features, like the intricate craftsmanship that made an all-embracing house. The royal apartments and prayer chamber are arranged in a multi-level interconnected courtyard, with three-story grain silos and drainage passages.