25 Jan, 2023

Sikkim Tourism: How To Reach & 7 Things to do


Are you looking to explore a destination that is full of breathtaking scenery, diverse culture and unique experiences? Then Sikkim is the perfect place for you! In this article, we will provide all the necessary information you need to plan your trip to Sikkim. From the best time to visit and how to reach there, to places to visit and what things to do - we have it all covered! So let's dive right in!


Sikkim Tourism


Sikkim is a state located in the northeastern part of India. It is bordered by the countries of Nepal, Bhutan, and China. The capital city of Sikkim is Gangtok. The official language of Sikkim is Nepali  and the predominant religion is Buddhism.


Sikkim is a popular tourist destination for its natural beauty, friendly people, and rich culture. The state has many attractions including glaciers, lakes, waterfalls, mountains, and hot springs. Visitors can also enjoy activities such as trekking, mountaineering, rafting, and yak safaris.


How to Reach Sikkim?


Reaching Sikkim is an easy task as the state is well-connected to the rest of India by air, road, and rail. The Bagdogra Airport near Siliguri is the closest airport to Sikkim, located at a distance of 124 km. Bagdogra has regular flights from Kolkata, Delhi, and Guwahati. Another option is to fly into the capital city of Gangtok via Biratnagar Airport in Nepal which is just a 2-hour drive away from Sikkim. 


The most popular way to reach Sikkim is by road from Siliguri which takes about 4-5 hours. There are also direct buses available from Kolkata (17 hours), Darjeeling (6 hours), and Kalimpong (4 hours). The journey by road is very scenic as it passes through winding roads with lush greenery all around.


The nearest railway station to Sikkim is New Jalpaiguri which again is located in Siliguri. From here, one can either take a bus or hire a private taxi to reach Sikkim.


Sikkim Tourism - Best Time to Visit 


The best time to visit Sikkim is between the months of March and June. The weather is pleasant during this time and it is ideal for outdoor activities. However, if you are looking to experience the snow, then the best time to visit would be between December and February.


Sikkim Tourism - Things To Do 


Sikkim is a small state in the northeastern part of India. It is bordered by Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet. The state has some of the most beautiful scenery in the country with its snow-capped mountains, green valleys and rushing rivers. Sikkim is also home to some of the best trekking trails in India. Here are some things to do in Sikkim:


1. Trekking: There are many great trekking trails in Sikkim that offer breathtaking views of the Himalayan range. Some popular treks include the Dzongri Trek, Goechala Trek and Sandakphu Trek.


2. River rafting: The Teesta river flowing through Sikkim offers some great rapids for river rafting enthusiasts. Rafting expeditions can be organised from Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim.


3. Mountain biking: Sikkim’s mountainous terrain makes it ideal for mountain biking. There are many trails that wind their way through forests and villages offering stunning views of the surroundings.


4. Bird watching: With its varied landscapes and rich biodiversity, Sikkim is a paradise for bird lovers. Some popular birding spots include Kanchendzonga National Park, Yumthang Valley and Pangolakha Wildlife Sanctuary.


5. Buddhist monasteries: There are many ancient Buddhist monasteries scattered across Sikkim which are worth  a visit. The Rumtek Monastery is the most important one, housing many ancient artifacts and paintings.


6. Paragliding: For the more adventurous traveler, paragliding in Sikkim offers stunning views of the snow-capped peaks and lush valleys below. Trips can be organized from Gangtok or Lachung in North Sikkim.


7. Shopping: There are some great shopping options in Sikkim, from traditional handicrafts like carpets and jewelry to organic tea and coffee from local plantations. Most stores are located in Gangtok but there are also plenty of shops in other major towns like Pelling and Darjeeling.


Places to Visit in Sikkim


Sikkim is a beautiful state in the northeastern part of India. It is home to many tourist attractions, including the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas, valleys, lakes, and waterfalls. The state is also home to the world’s third-highest mountain, Kanchenjunga.


There are many places to visit in Sikkim, such as Gangtok (the capital city), Pelling, Yumthang Valley, Zero Point, Tsomgo Lake, Nathula Pass, and more. Each place has its own unique attractions and activities that will make your trip memorable.


Gangtok is a popular tourist destination due to its stunning views of the Himalayas and its many monasteries. Pelling is another must-visit spot in Sikkim; it offers breathtaking views of mount Kanchenjunga and is also home to some beautiful waterfalls. The Yumthang Valley is a valley located at an altitude of 3,564 metres above sea level and is known for its hot springs and picturesque landscape.


Zero Point is the highest motorable road in Sikkim and offers stunning views of mount Kanchenjunga and the surrounding area. Tsomgo Lake is a glacial lake located at an altitude of 3,780 metres above sea level; it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Sikkim due to its scenic beauty.