15 Nov, 2022

The Sankar Gompa Ladakh, India - Indo Guide



Sankar Gompa or monastery is renowned for its exquisite architecture, home to an impressive range of religious sculptures and paintings. A subsidiary of the larger Spituk Monastery, Sankar Gompa is also a prominent religious spot in Leh. The Gompa is situated just 6 kilometers outside the main city and can be reached by foot.


One of the most significant monasteries in the Ladakh region is the Sankar Gompa. It is considered a 'daughter' monastery of the larger Spituk Gompa and is governed by the Abbot of Ladakh. The iconic structural design elements that contributed to its construction are also visible through the statue of the Alokiteshvara, which stands guard over it, as well as another image of Shakyamani Buddha inside.


How To Reach Sankar Gompa


Most people who visit Leh come through the airport. Some people will hire a taxi, and others may want to rent a cab to get there in a few minutes. If you're more interested in traveling by foot, the Sankar Gompa is located just 6 kilometers outside of the city, otherwise, it'll take 15-20 minutes by taxi.


Best Time To Visit Sankar Gompa


The best time to visit this monastery would be in the early evening hours when the golden light shines over the Gompa. It's on a hill, and consequently, you have an excellent view of the Namgyal Tsemo Hills as well. This can make for a very beautiful sunset up here!