15 Nov, 2022

Namgyal Tsemo Monastery Ladakh - History & Architecture



Built well over 500 years ago, Namgyal Tsemo monastery is a site of significant religious importance. While it is in ruins today, one of its main attractions is a solid gold-plated idol of Maitreya Buddha that stands nearly three stories high. The monastery's fame comes from the panoramic views it offers and from the numerous ancient relics found inside its halls.


The monastery is perched on the mountain and offers views of the countryside that are unmatched, including the Zanskar ranges near the Indus River. The building itself has numerous beautiful idols of Manjushri and Amalekites as well as ancient manuscripts and paintings. Monks from Shankar Gompa come to pray here and offer their respect to Buddha.


The architecture of Namgyal Tsemo monastery


Travelers and pilgrims walking through this monastery will be greeted by an impressive structure: the Namgyal Monastery, built in the traditional Buddhist style of architecture. There's an assembly hall or dukhang, along with a beautiful temple that features many paintings from times gone by.


History of Namgyal monastery


The monastery has been around since 1430, making it one of the biggest and most historic monasteries. During your visit, you'll learn how? Tashi Namgyal discovered this monastery while researching Buddhism and saw the potential for offering respect to local traditions after being converted.


How To Reach Namgyal Tsemo Monastery Ladakh


Namgyal Monastery is just 4.6km from Leh, and you can easily access it by taxi or by renting a private car. The journey to Namgyal only takes about 15-30 minutes once you get on the Khardung La Road.


Best Time To Visit Namgyal Tsemo Monastery Ladakh


As the monastery is located at an altitude, you'll find that optimum weather conditions are experienced during the summer months. We highly recommend visiting the Namgyal Monastery any time from May to September when it is open to tourists, but it's closed during winter months. There's still plenty to do here in the off-season!