12 Nov, 2022

Leh Palace Ladakh: Things To Know Before You Visit



Leh Palace Ladakh is a popular tourist destination in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The palace was originally built by King Sengge Namgyal and served as the royal residence for over two centuries.


Ladakh is a land of high passes and stunning landscapes. Leh Palace, located in the heart of Leh town, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ladakh. The palace was built by King Sengge Namgyal in the 17th century and served as the royal residence until the mid-20th century. Today, Leh Palace is open to the public and offers visitors a glimpse into the history and culture of Ladakh.


When visiting Leh Palace, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, be sure to dress appropriately for the cold weather. Second, be respectful of the palace grounds and do not touch or climb on any of the structures. Finally, be aware that photography is not allowed inside the palace museum.


With these things in mind, your visit to Leh Palace will be sure to be an enjoyable and educational experience!


How to reach Leh Palace in Ladakh, India


The Leh Palace is located in Ladakh, India. To reach the Leh Palace, you will need to take a bus or Taxi from Delhi to Leh. The journey takes about 24 hours. You can also fly into Leh airport, which is about a 3-hour drive from the Leh Palace. Once you are in Leh, the best way to reach Leh Palace is on foot or by bicycle. There are many steps leading up to the palace, so be prepared for a bit of a workout!


What's the best time to visit?


The best time to visit Leh Palace is from May to September. These months offer the best weather for visiting the palace, as well as for trekking and other outdoor activities. The temperatures during these months are moderate, and there is little rain. October to April is the cold season in Leh when temperatures can fall below freezing.


Things to Do in Ladakh


1. Visit the Leh Palace: The Leh Palace is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Leh. It is a beautiful structure that was built in the 17th century by the king of Ladakh. The palace has many rooms and courtyards, and it offers a great view of the city of Leh.


2. Go on a trek: There are many treks that you can take from Leh, and they all offer stunning views of the Himalayas. One of the most popular treks is the Markha Valley Trek, which takes you through some of the most beautiful landscapes in Ladakh.


3. Visit a monastery: Ladakh is home to many Buddhist monasteries, and visiting one is a must-do while you're in Leh. One of the most popular monasteries to visit is Hemis Monastery, which is located just outside of Leh.


4. Go on a safari: If you want to see some wildlife, then going on a safari is a great option. You can find safaris that take you to see leopards, ibex, and even snow leopards!


5. Take a jeep tour: A jeep tour is a great way to see all that Leh has to offer. You'll be able to go off-road and explore some of the most remote areas of Ladakh.


What to Pack for a Visit


When you are packing for your Leh Palace visit, keep in mind that the temperature can vary greatly throughout the day. In the morning and evening, it can be quite chilly, so pack a jacket or sweater. During the day, the sun can be very strong, so pack a hat and sunglasses. You will also need to pack comfortable walking shoes as there is a lot of walking involved in visiting the Leh Palace. 


Other things to remember to pack include:


  • -Camera
  • -Sunscreen
  • -Water bottle
  • -Snacks



Leh Palace is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ladakh and a must-visit for anyone interested in Tibetan culture and history. However, there are a few things you should know before you visit, such as the opening hours, entrance fee, and dress code. By being prepared for your visit, you'll be able to make the most of your time at Leh Palace and learn as much as possible about this incredible place.