14 Jan, 2023

How to Reach Uttarakhand by Air, Road & Train



Uttarakhand is one of the most beautiful places in India. It offers a stunning view of the Himalayas and many other natural wonders. But how do you get there? In this article, we will discuss how to reach Uttarakhand by air, road and train. We'll also tell you about the best routes, so that you can plan your trip in a way that allows you to take in all of Uttarakhand's beauty.


How to Reach Uttarakhand by Air


By Air: The Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun is the only airport in Uttarakhand that is connected to Delhi and other major cities of India. You can take a direct flight from Delhi to Dehradun which takes around 1 hour. Taxis are readily available outside the airport to reach your desired destination in Uttarakhand.


How to Reach Uttarakhand by Road


The main route to Uttarakhand from Delhi is via the National Highway 58, which passes through the towns of Muzaffarnagar, Roorkee, and Haridwar. This route covers a distance of around 250 kilometres. Another popular route is via the National Highway 24, which passes through Meerut and Dehradun before reaching Uttarakhand. This route is slightly longer at around 290 kilometres.


How to Reach Uttarakhand by Train


Train is one of the best ways to reach Uttarakhand as it is well connected by rail with the rest of the country. The major railway stations in Uttarakhand are at Dehradun, Haridwar, Rishikesh and Kotdwara. Some of the popular trains to Uttarakhand are Shatabdi Express, Jan Shatabdi Express, Palace on Wheels and Kalka Mail.


Reaching Uttrakhand by air, road and train is easy and convenient. There are several airports in the state that can be used to fly into the area. Roadways offer a good option for those who wish to travel on their own while trains make it possible to cover large distances quickly and cheaply. With so many options available, travelling to Uttarakhand is no longer a daunting task. So go ahead, plan your next vacation there today!