14 Nov, 2022

Hemis National Park - Best Time to Visit & How to Reach There



Hemis National Park is a famous wildlife destination in Ladakh, which is known to have high respect for snow leopards. There are plenty of opportunities for photographers and hikers. The 3,350 square kilometer area park is becoming popular with people who want to get closer to nature and learn how the snow leopard lives.


Flora in Hemis National Park


It does not receive much rainfall, because it's located in a rain shadow area of the Himalayas. It is therefore comprised primarily of dry forests and juniper with fir typically found at lower elevations. This park is also home to several rare and endangered medicinal plants.


Fauna in Hemis National Park


It is well known for its rich wildlife specifically because it is home to over sixteen mammal species and more than seventy bird species. The park also includes a number of animals, including the endangered bharal (bleu sheep), shapu (Ladakh Urial) and the snow leopard. Other animals found inside the park are Eurasian brown bear, red foxes, Tibetan wolves and blue sheep.


 Best time to Visit?


Visiting  National Park anytime from May to October will make the most of this extremely popular location.


What is the entry fee?


It's clear that Hemis National Park charges different prices for international and Indian tourists. The entry fee is 20 INR for Indians or 200 INR for international tourists.


How far is It from Leh?


If you're planning a trip to Leh, Hemis National Park is almost 50 kilometers from the city Leh and can be reached via a shared taxi or any other private vehicle.




It is open 9 AM-5 PM, so participants will have ample time to see the many species of wildlife while they're there.


Are there opportunities for trekking inside the Hemis National Park?


There are different trekking routes inside the  National Park, such as the Ganda La, which is located within the premises of the park. These routes vary in length and difficulty, but each typically takes about 2-3 hours to complete.