15 Nov, 2022

Druk White Lotus School Ladakh



The Druk White Lotus School in Leh, India, has been the source of an incredible amount of fandom given to it by Aamir Khan’s 3 idiots movie. That is until the school didn’t want the attention from everyone to overwhelm them.


The Druk White Lotus School teaches traditional Nepalese Buddhist values and cultural practices founded in Buddhism and is one of the oldest schools for teaching Buddhist doctrine as opposed to learning about worldly matters like science or law with which many Western students often get confused. 


Despite not being a tourist destination for its principal Buddhist teaching, it has drawn so much curiosity from those sick of Bollywood movies that now there is a palpable boom in tourists visiting Leh who seek this unique educational center. 


There is only one building on the entire campus and everything else is outdoors, complete with a ‘Chatur’ wall where people can stand (or are placed) and receive electricity through their bodies; despite being destroyed during the 2010 flash floods, they made a replica just outside of this very same wall. 


There's hardly anything else on the property besides this single building. If you're interested in seeing more, you have to offer 15 minutes of easily spent guided tours while touring around the grounds.