15 Nov, 2022

Diskit Monastery In Nubra Valley: A Hidden Gem That You Must Visit



Diskit Monastery is one of the most significant monasteries in the Nubra Valley. The Diskit Monastery, located at 10,308 feet in the Nubra Valley, houses a 106-foot statue of Maitreya Buddha which is just below the monastery. This exquisite site's location makes it a major tourist attraction for those who visit it.


Things to see in the Diskit Monastery


The interiors of the Diskit Monastery are just as beautiful as its exteriors. The prayer hall is called Dukhang and it has an incredibly beautiful drum used by monks & statues honoring Buddhist guardian deities. It also has a large statue of Tsong Khapa, one of the founders of Tibetan Buddhism. On top of the monastery, there's a temple called Lachung. It contains an intricate sculpture of him that's considered one of the oldest in the Nubra Valley. Diskit Monastery also offers views of Diskit Village and the surrounding landscape.


108 feet Maitreya Buddha Statue


The wonderful statue is located in the Diskit Monastery. After taking a stroll across the valley and not being able to pass it on foot, visitors often wonder how this statue came to be. The 108-foot tall statue depicts Maitreya Buddha in gold and red with his face looking toward Pakistan. It is believed that he symbolizes three ideas: protection of the Discit Village, promotion of world peace, and prevention of war between India - Pakistan.


Festival Celebrated in Diskit Monastery


The main celebration in Diskit Monastery during the season called “Desmoche” is a festival dedicated to bringing peace and prosperity. The highlight of Desmoche is a Chham Dance, which is performed by the Lamas in order to ward off any illness or misfortune that might occur. They are usually performed during the night by those wearing costumes made of dough. It's also customary at this time for holy pictures of deities to be removed. The clothes worn by the Lamas during these dances may also be removed from time to time throughout the course of the performance as appropriate.


What is the best time for visiting?


Diskit Monastery has different seasons, so it's best to visit between May and September.


How to reach?


It is possible to reach the Diskit Monastery by car. The most commonly-used road leads from Leh towards Diskit in Nubra Valley, reaching South Pullu (an army camp), where it continues to Khardung La & descends to North Pullu followed by Khardung Village and Khalsar Village. At Khalsar Village on the valley floor, the road divides into two ways. One path goes directly to the Diskit & Hunder villages, while another goes slightly further along and ends at Sumur & Panamik villages in Nubra Valley.