23 Jan, 2023

Best Time to VIsit Spiti Valley - Indo Tours & Adventures



Are you looking for an unforgettable adventure in India? Look no further than the beautiful Spiti Valley! Located in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, this valley is a paradise for nature lovers. In this article, we'll discuss the best time to visit Spiti Valley so that you can make the most out of your trip!


The Spiti Valley is a cold desert mountain valley located high up in the Himalayas. The valley is cut off from the rest of the world by high mountain passes and is only accessible for about six months out of the year. Even during those months, the valley is often cut off from the outside world due to heavy snowfall.


The Spiti Valley is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. The mountains are barren and rugged, but they are also incredibly majestic. The valley itself is quite green, thanks to the many streams and rivers that flow through it.


During the summer months, the Spiti Valley comes alive with color as wildflowers bloom everywhere. It's truly a sight to behold.


If you're looking for an adventure, there's no better place than the Spiti Valley. From hiking and camping to simply taking in the stunning views, you won't be disappointed.


When is the Best Time to Visit Spiti Valley?


The best time to visit Spiti Valley is between June and September. This is when the valley is accessible by road from Manali, as the snow has melted and the passes are open. The weather is also relatively mild during this time, with daytime temperatures averaging 20-25 degrees Celsius. However, nights can be cold, so be sure to pack some warm clothes.


Weather in Spiti Valley During Different Seasons


Spring is the best time to visit Spiti Valley. The weather is pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 10°C to 20°C. The snow has melted, making it possible to take part in trekking and other activities.


Summer is hot and dry in Spiti Valley, with temperatures reaching up to 35°C. This season is not suitable for outdoor activities, but visitors can explore the region's monasteries and spend time admiring its stunning landscapes.


Autumn is another good time to visit Spiti Valley. The weather is cool and dry, with clear blue skies. This is an ideal time for trekking and other outdoor activities. 


 Winter is the harshest season in Spiti Valley, with temperatures falling below freezing point. Heavy snowfall cuts off the valley from the rest of the world, so it is not possible to visit during this time. 

What to Pack for a Trip to Spiti Valley


Assuming you are travelling in the summer months, Spiti Valley is a high altitude cold desert and the temperatures can drop below freezing point at night, even in the peak of summer. It is advisable to pack layers of clothing that can be easily removed or added as required. A pair of comfortable walking shoes is also essential as you will be doing a lot of walking on unpaved roads and hiking on rocky terrain. 


Other items to pack include:



  • -Sunscreen and sunglasses
  • -A hat or scarf to protect from the sun and wind
  • -A first aid kit
  • -A water bottle
  • -A map